Let God and Let Go

I wanted to start off my 2013 with a story to inspire anyone who might stumble upon my blog site, but I ended up being inspired by someone else’s. Allow me to share a short piece by Pastor Joseph Prince. It’s a testimony that most of us can relate to these days; people who, like me, struggle to make ends meet and always trying hard to be in charge.

“There is a story of a young man who struggled to make ends meet. One day, he got six pieces of white cardboard paper and wrote down these six letters: “L-E-T G-O-D.” This was to remind him to stop worrying and striving to provide for himself and his family, and to let God take over. He placed the cards upright on his dressing table so that he would be reminded each day to let God provide for him.

Well, days passed and nothing changed. He was still in lack and became even more worried, anxious and frustrated. One day, out of desperation, he prayed, “God, please, I really want to know how to ‘let You.’ I want You to take over and supply all my needs, but I don’t know how to! God, please answer me.” The window in his room was open. A wind blew in—whoosh!—and one of the cards fell off the table. It was the last card with the letter “D.” The man looked up and saw the remaining cards spell the words, “LET GO.”

My friend, the way you LET GOD provide for you is to LET GO! Let go and stop worrying about the problem. Cast it into the hands of Almighty God who cares for you and leave it there, and you will begin to see His grace and provision flow freely in your life!”


Joseph Prince


2 thoughts on “Let God and Let Go

  1. Inspired me too. I’m happy you shared this with all of us! I find it hard to completely let go. When I prayed and told God and other people how hard that was for me. He allowed something to happen, that brought me to my face planted on the floor in prayer. There was no where else to turn and He was faithful in picking me back up. I’ll never forget that moment of understanding what it felt like to let go.


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