Breaking The Fleeting Break

If there’s anything I feel like I have failed at something at this point, it definitely has to be my writing.

My last blog dates back to May of this year, and that itself is an indicator, and isn’t a good way to start getting myself into a habit of writing consistently.

Jeff Goins wrote that in order to get good at writing or succeed in what you do, you got to have two things: Passion and Practice. You can’t have one without the other. It’s one thing to claim and tell the world I am passionate about writing; it’s another to ACTUALLY be one and put it into practice until your thoughts and your hand bleeds.

For weeks I’ve let myself leer at the blogs I follow, read books (as usual) and wait for that “moment” when I feel the nudge to write again. Comparison and envy sure worked like an anesthesia in my writing discipline. But I also realized that the more I procrastinate and wait for the right moment, the more I feel like I am slowly dying. I am dying because I know deep inside I needed my long overdue brain farts and whatnot and all those ideas are stocked in my head.

Looking back at how excited I was to give 500 words challenge a go months ago, I realized I have never felt so alive then. I tried to wake up early for almost a week, trying to write my thoughts down in 500 words. And while it was never easy to wake up earlier than anyone else in our household, but dang! those were the most freeing and awesome moments I have ever had in my entire writing life.

So, here I am giving this writing discipline another shot with high hopes that this time I am intentionally committing myself to do this; no matter how hard and intimidating it gets. I do also hope that you, my readers of my blog would be kind and be patient enough to bear this fickle-minded aspiring author of yours in her blogging/writing journey.

And this is how I break my fleeting break.


Pardon the grammatical lapses. This wayward blogger has to keep the writing flow going in order to get to where she aspires to: be the best in her art.

If you have been blogging for a while, would you care to share what are the ingredients in becoming successful in what you do? Please share your thoughts below.


Your Thoughts?

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