Hello, I’m Ira!

I always love to slow down and smell the roses. It’s those “Pause and Ponder” moments when I get to truly appreciate the beauty of all things. It is when I pause that I learn to trust the process, embrace the mess, to live intentionally, to enjoy my life’s journey, be inspired from other people’s stories and pensively write all the lessons in life.

I have been keeping a personal journal since high-school, and I couldn’t stop writing since then (thanks to my cool father who gave me and my sister a journal as Christmas present.) My English teacher back in my senior high and my college major professor were the “catalysts” of my passion for writing and from then on, I have always dreamt of becoming an influential and intentional writer.

A few more things about me:

* I am Saved by Grace.
* I am a self-proclaimed radical and “jack-of-all-trades”.
* I am married to a seafarer who strives to be my better husband.
* I am a mom of three young, spunky boys.
* I love surprises every once in a while.
* I want to live in a countryside where my garden is bigger than my house.
* I love learning new things. Some of the things I want to learn right now are hand-lettering, modern calligraphy and art journaling.
* I love being involved in a community that empowers, encourage and enliven! (quoting Martine de Luna here)
* I hate snakes and spiders.
* I love nature.
* I am a treehugger in progress.
* I am a bookworm.
* I am a sucker for Vanilla Ice Cream and Mary Grace Cafe’s Limoni Santi.
* I love workshops and seminars.
* I’ll be adding more here probably later, probably, tomorrow or probably next week, who knows?


Your Thoughts?

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