Day 5 #my500words: The Rebirth of A Naturalist

rebirth_of_a_naturalistThere’s something about my Biology and Environmental Science classes that I love, but I just couldn’t figure out what it were. All I know is that whenever it’s time for those classes, it instantly lights up my face and I couldn’t help but look forward to what I will learn from it.

It ended right there. And so I thought it was.

I did not pursue any course which are relevant to any of the subjects, because I thought it was just an “interest” that I know I will definitely make use of in the future, but not something I would be passionate about.

I just carried on with my life, met great people, shifted to different jobs, travelled with a lone friend, ate to different restaurants, read good books, reunited with long-lost friends, broke my heart and fell in love again, volunteered for a good cause, then I got married and gave birth to three boys.

It wasn’t until then that I became more aware of the things around me, particularly my health and the environment.

When I got pregnant with my firstborn, I did not care much about my health because I was slim and was too underweight for an expectant mom. When the results of my first pregnancy check-up came out, everything was normal.Soon, I gave birth to a 7.8 pounds healthy baby boy.

A year after I gave birth, I didn’t notice any change in my weight until one time I did my usual grocery shopping.

I took the stairs to a pedestrian’s overpass when I realized I was trying hard to catch my breath. And so, that’s when I realized I needed to do some changes with my lifestyle.

I began looking for free workout programs online and came across Belle Today, which was really helpful with my health goals. It taught me how to do the workout right and habits that I needed to develop to slowly but surely get in shape. Not long after, I was able to do things with my son, particularly run around the house with him and stuff.

In 2009, typhoon Ondoy struck Manila which caused great floods in major areas including Paranaque. It was a very frightening experience for us, particularly with my son because the heavy downpour caused a huge flood, and the water rose in just a matter of minutes. Almost all of the items in our home were submerged in the water. It took us a week to completely recover from the mess Ondoy left us with. On the other hand, the typhoon taught me a great lesson which I am actually thankful for.

It was Ondoy that taught me an awareness, to wise up on my knowledge about our environment and how it has changed over the years. It taught me that there is always a connection between healthy living and the environment; from the food we eat to habits we’ve formed, the products we purchase and use, wildlife and animal conservation, the link is just plain indisputable.

What underlies the rebirth of a naturalist in me summed up to wanting to make this world a better place for my kids to live in. Don’t we all moms want that?

photo credit: 1779-Flor silvestre via photopin (license)


Day 3 #my500words: Pause Is A Good Thing

When I recently announced on Facebook that I took Jeff Goins’ “my 500 words” challenge, I didn’t know what to feel then.

I was excited but worried at the same time.

I was excited to take the challenge because, it’s definitely a refreshing experience for somebody who just wants to get back into the habit of writing.

I am worried though because, for somebody who intentionally manages a “growing” home, I might not keep up with writing. The worst part of not being able to pick up where I left off is, I tend to just stop, allowing these voices inside tell me things like, “I told you you’re not going to make it” and “You do best at starting but you can’t even finish a thing.”

It’s easy to get discouraged when you give in to the battlefield that goes on in your mind. But if you love writing, this mind battle shouldn’t stop you from writing again.

So every time a war goes on in my head, I just pause. And when I pause, great things happen.

Whenever I pause, I get a chance to really listen to the voice of the Master of all masters and it directs me to unexplainable peace. And everything else follows.

Whenever I pause, I get a chance to really get to know my little boys and my husband. The next thing I know, I have found new learnings to share and to write.

Whenever I pause, I get a chance to read books, get an inspiration out of it.

Whenever I pause, I get more inspiration from the things around me.

Whenever I pause, I get to learn more things from other writers and find that setbacks is part of the process; and the process makes their writing journey more worth taking.

Whenever I pause, I get to meet people, hear their stories and learn from it.

Pause is something that I am slowly embracing. For without pause, I won’t have peace of mind that I need whenever I write.

For without pause, I wouldn’t know where will I get an inspiration to write about.

For without pause, I will not be able to embrace the joy of being an intentional wife and mom.

For without pause, I will not be able to enjoy each chapters and pages of the books I read.

For without pause, I will not be able to know the stories of the great writers I know.

For without pause, I will not be able to enjoy my time spent with my Master.

When things get a little too overwhelming, it’s alright to pause every once in a while.

Because when we pause, it helps us see the beauty and goodness in all things. It helps us to not miss opportunities when we’re moving.

Pause is a good thing.

“It’s not only moving that creates new starting points. Sometimes all it takes is a subtle shift in perspective, an opening of the mind, an intentional pause or reset, or a new route to start to see new options and new possibilities.” – Kristin Armstrong

Day 1 #my500words: When Commitment Is Your Only Option

Today marks my first day to write my 500 words.

Scared as I am to take this challenge, I mustered all the courage I needed to write a few words down and just get on with it.

I am not new to this writing thing. I keep a journal since I was in high school; I have worked as an environmental blogger for a few months’ time; I have contributed an article in a local news magazine once; I have worked as news contributor for almost a month; I have also worked as content writer for years. For somebody who knows the joy of writing, these are accomplishments. They’re sort of my validation as a writer.

But life throws us a curve. When I became a mother of two pre-schoolers and a terrible-two (mind you, they’re all boys), I stopped writing in my journal. My writing stints were cut down from full-time job to part-time stint, until the only writing avenue for me was to write for a news writing company.

As my kids my growing family demands more time from me, meeting deadlines were next to impossible. Eventually, the news writing company finally decided to let me go. I was totally dispirited, and decided to put my writing on hiatus.

The pause did not help though. The more I read books and blogs that were well-written, the more I itch to write. But my fears were just as strong as my writing urges. Where were all these fears coming from?

I was scared because at the back of my mind I tell myself I might not be able to follow through.

I was scared because most of the writers I follow just know how to play with words, and I don’t.

I was scared because I don’t know what is expected of me.

I was scared because I have a lot of things to say and share, but I don’t know where to start.

I was scared because I have trouble following deadlines.

I was scared because whenever thoughts and ideas come to mind, I tend to lose my focus.

I was scared because I feel I am not good enough as a writer.

I was scared because of the process that I will need to go through today to get to where I should be.

In spite of all my fears, I am still going to write my 500 words today.

I am still going to write because I LOVE TO WRITE.

I am still going to write because if I love to write, GIVING UP IS NOT AN OPTION.

I am still going to write because I am compelled to write something worth sharing.

I am still going to write because I know this is my calling; and to not write displays defiance against it.

I am still going to write because no matter how many times I miss the deadline, COMMITMENT IS MY ONLY OPTION.

I am still going to write because if I am not good enough as a writer today, I can be better tomorrow.

I am still going to write because, if not today, when?

For 31 days, I resolve to commit to write; to pour my heart out; to be vulnerable; to say what I needed to say; to un-edit my work; to just go with the flow; to find my voice; to restore my lost art; to slowly but surely become the master of my craft.